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Seville International Airport Train Transfers

There are no trains from Seville Airport, so Seville Airport trains start their journey from the central train station in Seville.

Seville Airport is well connected by road to the city center and to other major Spanish cities. The A4 motorway connects Seville Airport with the city center and in addition offers a connection to the ring road that leads to Madrid. Seville Airport taxis and buses take only a short time to take you to the central train station for onward travel by rail.

Seville Airport taxis are available from just outside the terminal building. Travelling time from Seville Airport to the city center is only 15 minutes and the trip will cost approximately €15 to €22, depending on the time of day one travels. The taxi driver can deliver you safely to Santa Justa train station in the center of Seville.

In the past Seville Airport was mainly dealing with domestic air travel across Spain, but today a great number of international airlines provide flights to destinations in Europe. Airlines operating out of Seville Airport are among others Iberia, SAS, Brussels Airlines, Air Berlin, TAP Portugal, Air Europa, Ryanair and XL Airways France.

Car hire is also available at Seville Airport. The car rental desks for several well-known car hire companies are located on the ground floor of the main terminal. Here passengers can pick up their pre-booked vehicles from Auriga Crown Car Hire, Avis, Europcar, Hertz and National Atesa, or make a booking, if they didn't have time to do so prior to their flight; for contact details, please see our car hire pages.

For a reasonably priced method of reaching the train station in the city center, there are regular Seville Airport buses operating between the airport and the train station in the city center. The bus stop is on the far left from the terminal exit. The half hourly service operates between 06.15am and 23.00 pm every week day with fewer buses on Sundays.

Seville Airport buses take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to reach the city center, depending on how often they need to stop along the way. You can buy your bus ticket from the driver on the bus. The cost for a single bus journey is €2.40. The bus will drop you off just behind Seville Cathedral or at the central train station, if you prefer.

From Santa Justa train station travelers can easily arrange onward travel to Andalucía's other cities and towns or travel across Spain to see other regions. Your taxi Seville Airport driver will drop you off at the station in Avenida de Kansas City, if you're planning to travel further by rail.

Santa Justa train station is modern and caters for a large number of travelers. Seville Airport trains run from this station to most parts of Spain. High-speed AVE trains run to destinations such as Cordoba or Madrid for example. Trains also run frequently to Granada and Cadiz, two favourite destinations in Andalucía. Sleeper trains connect Seville with Barcelona, but be warned, it is quite a long walk from the train station to Barcelona city center on a hot day.

Be sure to leave plenty of time to purchase your ticket. Different counters deal with different types of travel tickets. Some counters only allow you to buy tickets for trains leaving within the next hour, while other counters serve travelers who wish to depart at different times. Once you have purchased your train ticket, your ticket will be checked at least twice and your luggage, if any, will be scanned before you are allowed to enter the platform.

Within Seville there are many splendid historic monuments like Seville Cathedral for example. The architecture reflects some 800 years of Moorish occupation and other visitors, like the ancient Romans for example, have also left their cultural influence behind. A charming way of experiencing the city at its best is to hire a horse and buggy and go for a ride. It may be a little expensive, but it is one of the most romantic ways to travel through the capital.

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